Determined School Leader Transforms Rural Education With Quality Education And Strong Relationships

Determined School Leader Transforms Rural Education With Quality Education And Strong Relationships

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Royal Sainik Public School, Delhi

Randhir Singh, Royal Sainik Public School, Delhi


“Achi Shiksha denge to samjh me acha badlav aayega (Good Education brings positive change in the society)”

The story of Randhir Singh, a visionary school leader, is truly inspiring. From humble beginnings, he embarked on a mission to provide excellent education in his school. Despite initial challenges of renting space for the school, he remained steadfast in his belief that education quality should always be the top priority. With the support of resources like Varthana, he was able to secure land and build essential infrastructure for the school. This journey exemplifies the power of determination and the never-ending commitment to putting students’ education at the forefront.

Initial Days

Randhir’s background reflects his determination and passion for education. This passion began to bloom in 2005 when he stepped into the classroom as a humble teacher. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of an extraordinary odyssey that would lead him to the helm of a thriving and triumphant school.

Hailing from a middle-class family, Randhir always dreamed of starting his own school and making a positive impact in the field of education. Year after year, he honed his skills, tirelessly working towards making this dream a reality. Finally, in 2017, his vision crystallized as he successfully registered the school in the name of Royal Sainik Public School in Delhi. 

With more than a decade of experience in education, Randhir has now achieved his goal of running a school that serves the unprivileged families in the region.

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Varthana Partnership

“We had students because we focused on their education, but we used to operate the school on rented land. It is essential for a school to have infrastructure in order to grow further. However, we needed funds to build the infrastructure, and that’s when I learnt about Varthana. With the assistance of a Varthana Relationship Manager, we obtained an unsecured loan of 4 lakhs and managed to arrange some funds ourselves to acquire our own land,” expresses Randhir.

“Varthana has been a tremendous support in realizing our dream of running a school on our own land. They provided timely funding, and the process was simple as well.” 

Overcoming Challenges During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic was a challenging time for everyone, especially the education sector. The prolonged closure of schools was unprecedented, and it exposed the disparities in the availability of technology and resources between urban and rural areas. Despite the difficulties, the school leader took action to ensure that students in the rural area did not fall behind.

By organizing small group studies and waiving off the school fees for six months, Randhir demonstrated a commitment to the well-being and education of the students. This compassionate response to the crisis showcases his dedication towards providing quality education, even in the face of adversity.

“Our school has the best education policy. We believe that the school management should support the parents and we follow this principle in our school. As a result, we have 100 new admissions after COVID-19, while other schools have lost students,” Randhir expresses.

The school leader expressed confidence in the education policy of the school, attributing its success to a strong relationship between the school management and parents. According to the leader, this approach has resulted in new enrollments even during the pandemic, while other institutions faced the daunting specter of student attrition. 

The leader also mentioned the ongoing efforts to improve the infrastructure of the school. “I understand that a conducive environment plays an important role in shaping the minds of future leaders.”

In the face of uncertainty, Randhir and his team stood strong, created a nurturing environment, combined with a focus on academic prowess, propelled students to new heights. But their journey didn’t stop there. The school took decisive action to ensure that its students continue to receive quality education. The leader’s focus on building a strong relationship with parents and putting students first has resulted in the school’s success – and that serves as an inspiration to others in the education field and beyond.