Meet The School Leader Who Built a Thriving School From Just Four Rooms And A Handful of Students

Meet The School Leader Who Built a Thriving School From Just Four Rooms And A Handful of Students

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Gayatri public school

Inder Sharma, Gayatri Public School, Kalsoura, Haryana


Inder Sharma had a dream – he wanted to improve the education standards in his village, Kalsoura, Haryana. He came from a long line of farmers who had been tilling the land for generations. Inder was the eldest son of his family, and farming was in his blood. His ancestors had been involved in agriculture for generations, and it was a family business that he was proud to continue. 

Despite his love for farming, Inder was deeply concerned about the education standard in his village. He noticed that most schools were located far away and charged high fees, making it difficult for children in his village to access education. He strongly felt that education was the key to improving his community.

After pursuing his B.Ed, Inder became a teacher in a neighbouring village and gained over 22 years of experience in the education field. But he always worried about the children in his village, knowing he had to do more to help them. “I wanted to do more for my people as many children did not have access to education. The schools were too far and too expensive for them,” Inder expresses looking back when all he wanted to do was change the standard of education in Kalsoura.

In 2011, Inder took a bold step and started his own school, Gayatri Public School, on his farming land. He wanted to provide quality and affordable education to the children in his village. “Even though we started with only four rooms and a small number of students, there was no lack of determination,” he claims. He worked tirelessly to improve the school, constantly striving to provide better facilities and a higher quality of education.

His journey is one of a kind but has not been without challenges and obstacles. Inder’s efforts made Gayatri Public School gain momentum and transform into a better, more affordable school. Today, it provides education to hundreds of children in his village and surrounding areas. Inder boasts, “I am proud of what I have achieved. My school is making a real difference in the lives of the people in the community.”

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Relationship with Varthana

Inder wanted to transform his school and make it competitive in the market. He needed funds to improve his school infrastructure and  buy vehicles for transportation so that he could offer the best education and facilities to his students. In 2019, he collaborated with Varthana and took a loan of 12 lakhs. He used the loan wisely and effectively, developing his school from 4 to 17 rooms and buying two vehicles to increase accessibility for students from nearby villages. With a deep understanding of pedagogy and student development, he also invested in sports equipment for the holistic development of his students.

He was thrilled with the results of his efforts as the school strength increased to 500 students, a significant improvement from only 120 students before taking out the loan. His students were happier and more confident, and his community was proud of him.

“I am grateful to Varthana for the financial and academic support. Varthana is not just a lender, but a friend, and I appreciate their trust and encouragement,” Inder says, looking forward to continuing his relationship with Varthana and fulfilling his vision.

School during Covid lockdown

March 2020 was a time that no one was prepared for. The pandemic had hit the country hard, and everything came to a halt. Inder was among those who found themselves at a loss. The lockdown meant that schools were closed, and over 32 crore students were affected by various restrictions. Inder knew he had to act fast.

He gathered his faculty and instructed them to start online classes, but he soon realized the challenges that came with it. Many of his teachers were not equipped with the technical skills to handle online classes, and the unavailability of students was also a problem. Inder decided to take matters into his own hands and provided training to all his teachers to help them handle online classes.

However, that was not the end of his challenges. Most of the students did not have smartphones to attend online classes, which meant they were missing out on vital education. To overcome this challenge, Inder collaborated with Varthana to provide free worksheets to his students during the lockdown. These worksheets were prepared by the academic solutions team of Varthana to help mitigate the learning gap among students.

When the school reopened, Inder was faced with a different set of challenges. The pandemic had caused learning loss among students, and there was an increase in student attrition. On top of that, fee collection had become a significant issue. However, Inder was determined to provide quality education to his students and started taking effective steps to overcome these challenges.

He conducted extra classes to reduce the learning loss and gave special focus to remedial education. He also provided fee concessions to reduce the burden on parents and mitigate the dropout rate. It was a difficult time, but Inder never lost sight of his goal to provide quality education to his students.

Through all the financial difficulties and challenges, Inder fulfilled his duty to help his students get back on track. His perseverance and dedication will forever be remembered by his students and their families.


Growing up in a humble background, Inder understands the importance of quality education and its impact on the student’s life. He believes that with the right guidance and support, every student can be successful. 

And so, he has set out on a mission to provide the best quality education to his community, at an affordable price. He envisioned a school that would offer students the opportunity to learn and grow, to explore their interests and passions, and to prepare themselves for a brighter future.

Soon, Gayatri Public School will offer not only the traditional arts and commerce streams but also a science stream in Class 11.


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