Empowering Students: Harnessing Free Digital Tools for Creativity

Empowering Students: Harnessing Free Digital Tools for Creativity

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Fostering Creativity: Encouraging Children’s Independence

Creativity flourishes in children when we encourage them to be free from restrictions and let them work independently. Children tend to show more creativity during this period compared to other parts of their lives. 

If we try to define creativity, it is the ability to design, invent, produce, and come up with unique and original solutions to problems. Like any skill, creativity is enhanced by practicing and incorporating thoughts and actions. It is similar to other life skills, where we regularly try to do something to reach specific results, even if there is a chance of failure.

During the lockdown, many of us faced a halt in our creative actions, especially for children. Some privileged children were in front of screens studying as if they were doing mock drills, without any spark of interest or motivation, while others were doing nothing. However, there were a few areas where students could and should use online learning to enhance their creativity.

With technological advancements, we have access to many online tools that can help children boost their creativity. There are ample free materials, videos, games, and tools available, but they have yet to find their way into mainstream education. In this article, we will discuss some of the best online tools to facilitate creative skill-learning in students.

Blogs with creative thinking

Sometimes, giving children a pen and a piece of paper to express their thoughts is the best approach. Providing kids stimuli, such as pictures, situations, or any relatable topic, to think about and convert into writing, can help them think more deeply and creatively. It also encourages students to come together and improves peer-to-peer learning. Additionally, it creates an environment of positive competition among students to perform well.

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Comic strip tools

Children around the world widely love comic books and characters. Characters like Chhota Bheem, Krishna, Tom & Jerry, Avengers, Justice League are popular among kids. These comic strip tools are beneficial for kids who are interested in drawing and want to create their own comic books. It enhances the storytelling and drawing skills of students. Comic strip tools are an excellent medium for students to hone their talents and be creative.

Brainstorming and mind-mapping tools

Brainstorming sessions are an excellent way for students to think and process certain situations and topics. Many online brainstorming tools give students a platform to think creatively.

Infographic tools

Infographics are a part of every adult’s life. In some way or another, we visualize many things happening around us, and sometimes, we put them graphically. Infographic tools are a medium for kids to use graphs, charts, pictures, templates, etc., to showcase their talents and creativity. Canva is the best example of an infographic tool.

Digital storytelling

Storytelling is a skill that enhances imagination, history lessons, discipline, vocabulary, and pronunciation in a comprehensive manner. It is a skill that every student should learn. There are many digital storytelling platforms where students can learn new stories about different subjects and broaden their knowledge.

Music tools

During the lockdown, we all had the opportunity to explore our hidden talents, and one of those talents was music. Studies have shown that learning to sing and play instruments from a young age improves children’s concentration. The Internet has many platforms where children can learn about music in a safe environment without the extra cost of purchasing instruments or substitutes.

Art and craft

Art and craft are the basis of many infographic tools. Gone are the days when students used watercolors or crayons for drawing and sketching. Online platforms allow students to learn digital painting without wasting paper and pencil. Students can undo their mistakes with one click and share their masterpieces with anyone worldwide in seconds.


Dance is the best means of physical fitness for kids. Children in metropolitan cities usually need access to extensive grounds or spaces to play. These online platforms, where students have access to numerous dance activities, can make them fit and provide them psychological benefits, including an improved heart condition.

In 2023, we are still seeing cases of Covid-19 in some parts of the world. Now, we have enough time and resources to prepare ourselves for any situation that hinders student learning. All these tools can help teachers and students improve their learning experience and spur creativity.


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