How a Public Service Aspirant from Chhatarpur Transforms Lives as a School Leader

How a Public Service Aspirant from Chhatarpur Transforms Lives as a School Leader

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How a Public Service Aspirant from Chhatarpur Transforms Lives as a School Leader

Yogesh Kumar Patel, Atal Jyoti Able English School, Chhatarpur, MP

Yogesh Kumar Patel, a dedicated individual with a strong passion for public service, spent countless hours preparing for various government job recruitment examinations. His driving force was clear: “I always wanted to work for the benefit of society and make some meaningful contribution.” 

However, Yogesh’s career path took an unexpected turn when his friends proposed opening a school together. Despite their withdrawal during the planning phase, Yogesh saw an opportunity to make a positive impact when he said, “We could do something better for society.” Determined, he moved forward with the school project, aiming to create a lasting benefit for his community.

Rural Empowerment Despite Odds

Operating on rented premises since its establishment in 2011, Atal Jyoti Able English School has become a symbol of hope for rural children. Yogesh expresses with deep sentiment, “The school has faced numerous challenges but has emerged as a symbol of academic excellence.”

He continues, “We offer classes from nursery to the 10th grade in both Hindi and English mediums, conducting sessions in the morning and afternoon.”

Tech as a Catalyst for Change

Yogesh embraced technology by implementing the YOLO School Monitoring system to enhance the school’s operational efficiency. He believes that technological advancements are essential for the sustainability of the education system. “Technology plays a vital role in keeping our education system strong,” Yogesh emphasizes. He notes, “Technology has improved communication and enriched learning experiences for students at Atal Jyoti Able English School”, highlighting its profound impact on education.

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Beyond Just Financial Support: Varthana

Varthana entered the story of Atal Jyoti Able English School when Yogesh recalls, “Varthana found us and lent a helping hand. One of their salespersons visited our school in Chattarpur and explained what Varthana could offer.” Varthana’s involvement proved transformative, providing solutions that extended beyond technology and guided the school’s overall development.

Yogesh expresses gratitude, saying, “Varthana’s support was like a guiding light in our journey. They understood our challenges and offered solutions that improved our educational environment, fostering growth and progress.”

He further notes, “Varthana’s assistance wasn’t just financial; they believed in our mission and partnered with us in our goals.” Varthana’s contribution went beyond technology, offering financial flexibility and strategic support that allowed the school to seamlessly integrate modern educational tools.

How a Public Service Aspirant from Chhatarpur Transforms

A Motivational Moment

Amidst the challenges, Yogesh shared his happiest moment as an educator. In a year filled with uncertainty before COVID-19, he faced the tough task of guiding 60 students through their 10th board exams. “My perseverance paid off, with 50 out of 60 students passing, a testament to the transformative power of education,” he says.

Reflecting on this achievement, he adds, “This experience reinforced my belief that every student, regardless of their background, has the potential to succeed. It’s a matter of providing the right guidance and unwavering support.”

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Shaping Dreams and Future Goals

Looking ahead, Yogesh aspires to build a permanent school to overcome the limitations of the rented property. He also aims to extend classes to the 12th standard, transforming the school into a Higher Secondary School. 

In his closing thoughts, Yogesh shares, “As educators, we faced tremendous challenges when COVID-19 hit. During those times, we managed to sustain our school somehow, but now, with schools open for such a long time, we teachers expect the same cooperation from parents as well.”

Atal Jyoti Able English School stands as a testament to Yogesh’s dedication and resilience, supported by Varthana. This story highlights the collaborative efforts of parents, teachers, and innovative partnerships, paving the way for a brighter future for rural education in Chattarpur


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