Inspiring Doctor Turns School Leader, Transforming Lives for Underprivileged Children in Dehradun

Inspiring Doctor Turns School Leader, Transforming Lives for Underprivileged Children in Dehradun

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Star Land Inter College, Dehradun, Uttar Pradesh

Surender Chauhan, Star Land Inter College, Dehradun, Uttar Pradesh

Surender Chauhan is a doctor by profession and a dedicated school leader at heart. Born into a middle-class family in the small village of Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh, Surender always had a curiosity for exploring new things and facts, which drew him to the field of science. He completed his higher education at RSP Intercollege Bijnor and earned his degree in BAMS in 1986. After finishing his studies, he worked in several medical clinics.

Surender then moved to Dehradun near Nehru Colony after getting married. He soon opened his own private clinic and provided medical services at an affordable cost to the people in his community. Over time, he developed a strong emotional bond with the locals, and they started to adore him.

One day, while attending to his daily duties, a client came to him with his daughter, seeking treatment for health issues. During the consultation, Surender asked the young girl about her school, but she had no answer. Concerned, he spoke to her father and learned that there were limited schools in the city, and they were far away from their homes. This incident deeply saddened him, and he felt compelled to do something to remedy this problem.

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Opening of Star Land Inter College

With a vision to bring education to their locality, Surender initiated conversations with people, emphasizing the importance of education. Through numerous meetings and persistent efforts, he gained the trust and support of the community. Together with 12 members from the locality, he established the foundation of Star Land Inter College in 1994. Initially, the school began with just two classrooms and six students. However, within a few years, it gained recognition from the state board in 1998, and its student population experienced remarkable growth, reaching 198.

As a doctor, Surender understood the significance of creating a friendly and fear-free environment for effective learning. “We prioritized the aspects of child psychology and implemented a fun-filled day where child-centric activities were carried out. Additionally, our school adopted a no-punishment policy, allowing children to express themselves freely. Teachers took a keen interest in students’ interests and hobbies, fostering stronger connections with them. Alongside providing modern education, we also ensured access to medical care for our students,” he shares, excitedly.

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Varthana joins hands

Varthana extended both financial and academic support to the school. In 2015, when Star Land was growing, they provided a loan of 10 lakh rupees. Before the loan, the school had 250 students, but with Varthana’s help, it increased to 450 students. During the lockdown, Varthana provided unlock worksheets to the school, which helped bridge the learning gap. This support was crucial in recovering from the enrollment loss experienced during the lockdown. Expressing his gratitude, the school owner says, “Apart from the financial support, Varthana members are always there to assist us throughout the school process.”

His Future vision

Looking ahead, Surender’s vision for the future is to establish computer labs in the school. This will provide students with access to technology, which will be beneficial for their future pursuits. Additionally, he dreams of creating a nurturing environment within the school where children can learn without fear. By fostering such an environment, he aims to cultivate a genuine interest in education among the students.

Through his dedication and relentless efforts, Surender has not only realized his father’s dream but also set forth his own visions for the betterment of the school and its students. From humble beginnings, the school has grown and achieved remarkable success in academics and overall development. With the support of Varthana, the school has overcome challenges and made significant progress. As Surender continues to strive for excellence, his future plans to equip the school with technology and create a safe space for students reflect his commitment to providing the best education to the students. With each passing day, he inspires others to dream big and make a positive impact through education.


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