Rural Rajasthan School Leader Makes IIT Dreams Possible and Inspires Community Service

Rural Rajasthan School Leader Makes IIT Dreams Possible and Inspires Community Service

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Rural Rajasthan School Leader Makes IIT Dreams Possible and Inspires Community Service

Dhirendra Singh, Marwar Shiksha Niketan Senior Secondary School, Rajasthan

Marwar Shiksha Niketan Senior Secondary School was founded by Dhirendra Singh with the hope of transforming the youth of his village, Bithura in Rajasthan. He aimed to open up national and global opportunities for students by changing their limited mindset. As an administrator, Dhirendra Singh was dedicated not only to providing quality education but also to fostering an environment where each student feels accepted and can recognize their own potential. His goal was to empower students to carve out their own futures, ensuring they have the skills and confidence to pursue their dreams. Through his leadership, the school has become a place where education goes beyond textbooks, nurturing well-rounded individuals ready to face the world.

Building Trust Was Crucial

Dhirendra, who holds a B.L. (Barrister at Law) degree, has always been fond of children and started this school in 2008. The school’s first year was in rented premises. Dhirendra recalls, “I had the huge task of convincing parents to enroll their children. It wasn’t easy, but I believed in the importance of education for every child.” During the interview, he reflects, “In the early years of the school, I used to visit every home 5 to 6 times.” He stressed the importance of conveying the value of education to parents and reassuring them about Marwar Shiksha Niketan’s nurturing environment. “It was very important for me,” he emphasizes. “I wanted parents to understand that their children would be cared for here.”

His efforts paid off, and the school became the first established one in the community to have over 200 students. “Seeing the joy and curiosity in the children’s eyes made all the hard work worthwhile,” he says.

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Growth and Academic Triumph

Under Dhirendra’s guidance, Marwar Shiksha Niketan thrived, growing to 500 students, showing the community’s trust in the school’s quality of education. Dhirendra, as Director, didn’t measure success just by numbers; he found joy in his students’ achievements.

“Seeing my 12th-grade Art students excel at the Tehsil level always thrills me,” Dhirendra shares. “The Rajasthani government has recognized some with scholarships and scooters for their academic achievements.”

One student scored an impressive 94 percent in board exams and is now pursuing goals at IIT Mumbai. “These inspiring stories drive me to continue my community service,” Dhirendra says.

Marwar Shiksha Niketan Senior Secondary School, Rajasthan

The Key to Success: Quality Education

For Dhirendra, quality education was a guiding principle, not just a catchphrase. “Providing quality education with well-qualified teachers is the key to success,” he emphasizes. The school regularly checked and improved teaching techniques, offering support to instructors when needed. The students at Marwar Shiksha Niketan succeeded academically because of this dedication to excellence.

“We believe in consistently observing and improving our teaching methods,” Dhirendra says. “Supporting our teachers helps them provide the best education to our students.”

Varthana Finance: A Lifeline

Amid the challenges, Varthana Finance became a vital partner for Marwar Shiksha Niketan. In 2018, a friend suggested Varthana, and since then, their partnership has been transformative. Varthana provided essential funding, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, they also sent educational content to students in video and PDF formats.

“Varthana helped us a lot,” Dhirendra says gratefully. “The funds were used wisely, allowing us to add another floor to the school, giving our students more space and a better learning environment.”

Rural Rajasthan School Leader Makes IIT Dreams Possible

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A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Dhirendra shared his vision for the future of Marwar Shiksha Niketan. “I want to introduce science for 11th and 12th grades,” he reveals. His focus was not just on increasing enrollment but on enhancing the overall educational experience for students. “We should always motivate students,” he asserts, emphasizing the importance of nurturing a positive and encouraging learning environment.

The story of Marwar Shiksha Niketan made it clear that this was more than just a school; it symbolized dedication, resilience, and a strong belief in the power of education. With his unwavering commitment, Dhirendra Singh had not only built an institution but had planted the seeds of knowledge that would benefit future generations. In the heart of Bithura, Rajasthan, Marwar Shiksha Niketan stood tall, a testament to one person’s vision and the collective spirit of a community eager for knowledge and success.

Mr. Dhirendra started school on a rented place in 2008 in the first year there are 200 students enrolled, currently its grown to 500 students

Initially I visited 5 to 6 times in every home to convince parents to enroll in my school and send their students

Although I have completed my BA, the love towards children motivated me to establish a school.

I am proud as consistently of my student’s from 12th Art grade ranking top in Tehsil level, apart from this few of the students even achieved scholarships and scooties from Rajasthan Government as a reward. One of the students from grade 10th recently achieved 94 percent and going forward we came to know he is doing IIT in Mumbai. These achievements of students motivates Dhirendra in doing the good work.

Quality education for Dhirendra- Dhirendra said, “For me, providing quality education, well qualified teachers is the key to success for it”, Whenever it is required we inspect and observe the methods of teaching of our teachers, and also guide them properly if required.

Corona period- As the pandemic hits all over, we have taken precautionary measures following with the aim to not stop students from learning. Our school has conducted online classes, done home visits for study counseling and guidance to every student of my school.

Varthana Finance- “For me Varthana Finance is the best company over any other company” said Dhirendra. In 2018 one of my friends suggested to me about Varthana, not only in funding but also Varthana helps in the covid pandemic period by sending the educational content for students in video and pdf format. “Varthana helped us a lot”, said Dhirendra. The fund is utilized in developing another floor in the school, which helps students to sit properly.

Vision- I wanted to include science for 11th and 12th grade. I am focusing on student strength in the upcoming years.

“I believe we should always motivate students”, said DhirendraBaccho ko jyada se jyada motivate karen