Coaching Marked The Start, Teaching Defined This School leader’s Journey In Rural Jaipur

Coaching Marked The Start, Teaching Defined This School leader’s Journey In Rural Jaipur

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Devilal Kumawat, Maa Saraswati Vidya Mandir Madyamik Vidyalaya, Jaipur, Rajasthan

From the vibrant pink city of Jaipur, rich in culture, comes Devilal Kumawat, a man striving to lead his city into modern progress by starting Maa Saraswati Vidya Mandir. Coming from a humble and financially weak background, Devilal’s father worked tirelessly as a laborer to support the family.

Despite these tough circumstances, young Devilal’s brilliance shone through. Reflecting on his school days, he says, “I was always brilliant in my studies.”

“In the toughest times, my thirst for knowledge set me apart,” he recalls with nostalgia.

A Teacher’s Calling: The Birth of a Passion

In 1999, during his 12th grade, a turning point came in Devilal’s life. Many students from his class and younger grades began seeking his guidance and coaching. His exceptional teaching skills became a ray of hope for those needing academic help. “It was during this time my interest in teaching truly blossomed,” says Devilal. He found he had a natural talent for simplifying complex ideas and making learning enjoyable.

However, life wasn’t without challenges. In 2001, his family’s financial situation worsened, making it hard to make ends meet. During these difficult times, Devilal decided to take action. “I took responsibility for my family and started my own coaching classes,” he says. At the same time, he got a chance to teach at a well-known nearby school. It was in this school that he realized his true calling – to be a teacher and dedicate his life to education.

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The Evolution of a School Leader

“Education and students became the topics of constant discussion among my teacher colleagues and me,” Devilal explains. These talks sparked a passion in him, and he knew his future was in nurturing young minds. This drive led him to take a bold step in 2003 when he established his own school in Govindgarh Tehsil, Chomu district.

Over the next four years, Devilal’s teaching career helped him build strong connections with many parents and students. These connections were crucial for enrolling students in his new school. He started this journey with two partners, but by 2005, they had parted ways. Yet, Devilal’s determination remained unwavering. He continued to nurture his school, renting a building until 2015 when he finally achieved his dream of constructing his own facility.

“When your work becomes your passion, you find joy in every moment of it,” Devilal reflects, thinking about the long and challenging journey that brought him to this journey.

Coaching Marked The Start, Teaching Defined This School leader’s

School’s Progress

In its first year, the school could only accommodate about 150 students due to limited space. However, its location, just 45 kilometers from Jaipur, did not stop parents from enrolling their children. Devilal believed in the power of quality education over the language of instruction. He argued that fluency in English did not guarantee knowledge, a philosophy that many parents embraced.

“Our students are living proof of this belief,” he says confidently, highlighting the success stories from his school. He shared an example of a former student who secured a prestigious job with a high salary.

Over the years, Maa Saraswati Vidya Mandir grew steadily. It now has 23 dedicated staff members and over 600 eager students.

“A child’s upbringing significantly shapes their destiny,” Devilal passionately emphasizes. He believed that the environment in which a child grows up plays a crucial role in their education. Discipline, values, and culture formed the foundation of his educational philosophy.

“Even a child with lower academic marks can achieve success if they possess the right values,” Devilal asserts, stressing the importance of character-building in education.

His message to his students was clear: “I want each of them to fearlessly express their viewpoints.”

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Role of Varthana in School’s Growth

Devilal expressed his deep gratitude to Varthana for their support during his financial struggles. “Varthana Finance stood by me when I needed funds the most,” he acknowledges. “They not only helped me maintain my credit score but also provided crucial support during the financial hardships brought on by the pandemic.” Without their assistance, managing the school’s finances would have been incredibly challenging. “Their support came at a time when we were facing immense difficulties, and it made a significant difference,” he adds, emphasizing the importance of their help.


Devilal isn’t just a school leader; he’s an inspiration, a devoted educator, a guide, and a visionary. His journey from modest beginnings to leading a thriving educational institution stands as proof of the transformative power of passion, hard work, and a steadfast dedication to education. His life story exemplifies the unyielding spirit of those who dare to dream, persist, and motivate others.

“The vision for our school has expanded,” he shares. “We’re actively planning to introduce science education to further enhance the curriculum.” This expansion reflects his commitment to providing a comprehensive and enriching learning experience for his students.


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