One Visionary Man Is Running a School and Six Colleges In Rural Maharashtra, Delivering Quality Education Across Diverse Fields

One Visionary Man Is Running a School and Six Colleges In Rural Maharashtra, Delivering Quality Education Across Diverse Fields

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One Visionary Man Is Running a School and Six Colleges

Pradeep Rhode, Tulsi school, Beed, Maharashtra


Pradeep Rhode’s journey is a movie in the making. His story is deeply rooted in the art of teaching, a path shaped by his father—a retired government teacher. “My educational journey growing up,” he claims, “was inspired by my father.” 

Fueled by a passion for teaching that first ignited during his 12th standard, Pradeep started tutoring at a young age. His commitment to education took on a new dimension when he found inspiration in the ideals of Babasaheb Ambedkar, who advocated for accessible education for marginalized communities. “It’s my ultimate duty,” Pradeep declares, “to provide education to those who might not otherwise have access.” 

Acknowledging the reality of financial constraints in ensuring consistent education through traditional teaching, Pradeep boldly states, “Entrepreneurship is the key to success.” That’s how, breaking away from the traditional job approach, he founded one school and six colleges over time, with a mission to ensure uninterrupted education for all students.


Starting as a junior lecturer in 1998, Pradeep, supported by friends, founded a senior college for BCA and BCS courses in just 5 years. “This initial success motivated me to establish more colleges and schools, including senior and junior colleges, science, arts, commerce, IT, and fashion designing institutions,” he shares, emphasizing that over 20 years of experience has taught him to remain incredibly humble and kind and how this skill has led to the establishment of multiple institutions.

Facing challenges head-on, a persistent Pradeep created a comprehensive educational network for students of diverse backgrounds. Elaborating on this, he noted, “With this setup, I could implement my own ideas, make decisions, and positively impact thousands.”

Pradeep is generous, as evident in actions like how he is providing free education to 50 students and offering a bus for girls from rural areas attending his fashion design school.

Pradeep Rhode, Tulsi school, Beed, Maharashtra

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How The School Started 

Noticing the lack of quality education for children from laborers, farmers, and poor families, Pradeep opened Tulsi School in Beed, Maharashtra, in 2009. He says, “Our school, a hostel-non-hostel type, receives government funds, particularly benefiting children from the minority Dhangar community.” While funds are allocated for 150 students, an additional 50 underprivileged students stay, receiving free education and contributing to the school’s impressive 100% pass rate. Underscoring the school’s approach, Pradeep highlights, “Educational technology, professional development for teachers, and regular student assessments play crucial roles here.”

Pradeep believes teachers are the cornerstone of a nation’s growth and they require core skills. He shares, “To recognize outstanding teaching and prepare quality educators, we present the (Tulsi) award and incentives.” Additionally, they’ve introduced the “Achievers Academy,” offering teaching courses for first-time teachers. Moreover, they prepare 8th-grade students for competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, and CET. 

One Visionary Man Is Running a School and Six Colleges In Rural Maharashtra

Empowering Young Talent

The visionary school leader explains his motivation, saying, “My admiration for women inspired the establishment of fashion design colleges across Maharashtra. When asked about his drive, Pradeep shares, “I noticed many girls in rural areas are passionate about the fashion industry but facing constraints. I want to empower them to pursue their passion. That’s why I started three fashion design colleges.” Currently, all these colleges are showcasing remarkable dedication to the education and empowerment of young individuals, particularly women.

School During COVID-19

With a strong belief in Karma, Pradeep attributes his resilience during the challenging COVID lockdown to positive actions. Despite adversities, he sustained his school by proactively offering a 30% discount before government announcements and ensuring full salaries for all staff by retaining 100% of his employees. 

Recognizing the contribution of his successful businesses, such as established colleges, he emphasizes, “Financial stability from these ventures allowed us to support Tulsi School, even utilizing college funds to maintain operations without burdening parents with fees during the lockdown.”

Highlighting his commitment, Pradeep adds, “I firmly believe that education should not be compromised, especially during challenging times.” Despite the pandemic, the school focused on providing online education, but students without Android phones faced challenges. “We facilitated connections between parents and distributed a few phones to them, ensuring continued learning. Following the reopening, bridge courses and a curriculum were introduced to help students catch up and reach their learning levels,” he assures.

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Relationship With Varthana

Pradeep, pleased with the simplicity of Varthana’s loan process and the friendly assistance from representatives, shares, “During the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, when college funds were insufficient for school expenses, their loan provided essential support. I extend my heartfelt thanks for the support during this challenging period.”


During a conversation about his aspirations, the school leader expressed his ambition to build 50 schools in various regions of Maharashtra, aiming to provide quality education to numerous underprivileged children.

Offering valuable advice to the younger generation, he highlights, “There’s no sector like education. I urge all young individuals in my country, those with passion and interest in education, to step forward and contribute to this sector.” He stressed the importance of this contribution to elevating India to a global superpower.


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