Three Lucknow Brothers Honor Their Father’s Legacy By Teaching The Underprivileged To Boost Literacy

Three Lucknow Brothers Honor Their Father’s Legacy By Teaching The Underprivileged To Boost Literacy

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Three Lucknow Brothers Honor Their Father's Legacy By Teaching

Sharad Kumar Gupta, Hari Maya International School, Lucknow 

In a remote district in the Terai region, where education seemed like a distant dream, three brothers, sons of the late Mr. Gupta, have made their father’s dream real by starting Hari Maya International School to boost literacy rate in Lucknow. Originally in the jewellery business, they bravely stepped into education, and despite facing many challenges along the way, the new and upgraded school has since emerged as a ray of hope within an underserved community. 

“We wanted to bring light to our community,” says Sharad Kumar Gupta, one of the brothers. “Education is the key to unlocking opportunities in these rural parts of India,” adds another.

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How the Journey Began

As Gupta’s sons, they not only inherited his dream but also took on the responsibility of fulfilling it. 

The brothers’ journey began with acquiring a piece of land, symbolizing their dedication to offering quality education in an area where literacy rates were low and education was not valued much.

“Our father’s dream ignited our drive to create a lasting impact through education. Though the road was tough, his vision guided us,” shares Sharad.

From Inception to Expansion 

With determination and help from the community, the school grew quickly from its modest beginnings. Sharad reflects, “From just 200 students up to the 7th grade, we expanded to a senior secondary school with 55 classrooms over an impressive 8000 sq. ft.”

Their dedication to quality education earned recognition from the CBSE, marking a turning point in their journey. “We always aimed for top-notch education. Every child, no matter where they come from, deserves the best learning opportunities,” he emphasizes.

Three Lucknow Brothers Honor Their Father's Legacy By Teaching

Navigating Challenges During the Pandemic 

“The COVID-19 pandemic brought unexpected challenges, putting the school’s future at risk. Sharad reflects, “We faced a loss of Rs 2 Crore in fee collection, and the second wave hit us hard.” Yet, the brothers remained resolute. “We were determined to keep our promise,” the school leader shares. 

Varthana’s Contribution 

“Varthana’s crucial support provided essential funds during the challenging period of the pandemic, ensuring the continuous growth of Hari Maya International School,” highlights Sharad. “Their swift and efficient assistance lifted a significant financial burden,” he adds. “Varthana’s timely support was like a lifeline,” Sharad expresses gratefully. “It reinforced our unwavering belief in the significance of education, particularly during tough times.”

“Our brothers’ dedication, along with Varthana’s help, has kept our father’s dream alive and made our school thrive,” Sharad reflects with gratitude. “Varthana’s support with funds has been really important,” he emphasizes. “They’ve been there for us, supporting our journey to make our dreams come true.”

Innovations in Education 

“Hari Maya International School has not only faced challenges but also embraced new ideas,” Sharad notes. “From online classes to using animation in educational videos and establishing a Robotic Lab, we’re committed to staying ahead,” he explains. “We aim to nurture critical thinking and problem-solving skills,” Sharad states firmly. “Education must adapt and encourage innovation,” he adds with determination.

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Carving A Bright Future Ahead 

“Looking ahead, Hari Maya International School plans to expand its facilities, including a stadium and hostel,” Sharad shares optimistically. “Our school’s advanced computer lab and completion of 16 innovative projects, like a robotic dustbin presented to the Chief Minister, highlight our commitment to overall development,” he emphasizes.

“Our partnership with Varthana has been crucial for our progress,” Sharad acknowledges gratefully. “Together, we’re not just building a school; we’re shaping futures,” he concludes with hope.


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