One Life-Changing Event Turned A Teacher Into A School Leader, Whose School Has Thrived For 30 Years While He Directs 60 Others

One Life-Changing Event Turned A Teacher Into A School Leader, Whose School Has Thrived For 30 Years While He Directs 60 Others

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Ramavtar Sharma, Ranu Madhyamik Vidhyalay, Alwar, Rajasthan

Ranu Madhyamik School is a tribute to the strong will and dedication of its founder, Ramavatar Sharma. Established over thirty years ago, it has become more than just a place of learning—it’s a cornerstone of the community in Kalsada village. Countless students have passed through its doors, receiving not only education but also values that shape their futures. “Education is the foundation of a bright future,” Ramavatar always says, emphasizing the importance of both learning and character building.

His vision has left a profound impact on education in Alwar, ensuring that generations of young learners have access to quality education and a bright future ahead. “Every child deserves the chance to succeed,” he believes, and this has been the guiding principle of the school, shaping the lives of its students for decades.

An Incident That Brought Him Closer This Journey

Ramavatar’s journey began in a private school where he taught as a teacher after completing his B.Ed. A few discouraging remarks from the school owner led to a life-changing decision. “I started the school to prove myself to my former employer,” he recalls. “I wanted to show that I could achieve something independently and create a place where students could truly thrive.” Undeterred, Ramavatar left his job and, in 1991, founded Ranu Madhyamik School on rented premises with determination and vision.

Fate soon favored him: within three years, the school where he had taught shut down. Meanwhile, Ranu Madhyamik School not only survived but thrived under Ramavatar’s steadfast leadership for over three decades. “I believed in the power of education and was committed to making a difference,” he shares. “Seeing the school grow and succeed has been incredibly rewarding.”

One Life-Changing Event Turned A Teacher Into A School Leader

Building Bonds and Community Support

Ramavtar, who was born and raised in the same village, credits his strong community ties for the early success of his school. “Getting students enrolled was easy because of my strong connections with the villagers,” he shares. “My bond with them helped me convince families for admissions.”

Ranu Academy School has now become a prime hope for education in the area. It started with just 76 students in its first year and has grown to accommodate 400 eager learners. Ramavtar remains steadfast in his support for his students. “I’ve always supported my students in their educational journey, no matter their behavior,” he emphasizes. “I never harmed any of my students and always stood by them.”

Shaping Success Stories

The impact of Ramavtar’s guidance is clear in the success stories of Ranu Madhyamik School alumni. An impressive 265 students have become government employees, while others have found success as business entrepreneurs and professionals in various fields. “Seeing our students excel in their careers is incredibly rewarding,” Ramavtar says. “Their achievements reflect the nurturing environment we’ve worked hard to create.”

The school’s legacy is more than just academic success; it embodies the supportive atmosphere Ramavtar has built over the years. “Our aim has always been to foster growth and confidence in our students,” Ramavtar notes. “We are proud of each one of them for pursuing their dreams.”

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Leadership in True Sense

“If one is not involved in other activities, that person will become unhealthy,” says Ramavtar. Besides his role at Ranu Madhyamik School, he is a director of the private school association “School Shiksha Parivar,” which includes around 60 schools. “Being active in different areas keeps us healthy and engaged,” he explains. “It also allows me to promote holistic learning across various institutions.”

Ramavtar’s extensive experience in education has made him a respected figure, with many schools seeking his leadership. “I believe in contributing to the broader educational community,” he says. “It’s fulfilling to help other schools thrive and embrace holistic learning.”

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Empowering Growth and Infrastructure Through Varthana

“School Loan helped me absolutely,” says Ramavtar. Varthana played a crucial role in supporting the school’s growth by providing funds for the construction of the building. This financial backing has allowed Ranu Madhyamik School to not only withstand challenges but also to continue expanding its offerings to meet the evolving needs of students. “Now Building is ready for the English Medium School setup,” says Ramavtar. “Thanks to Varthana and the guidance provided by the company’s employees.”


Looking ahead, Ranu Madhyamik School plans to transition into an English Medium School. This vision reflects Ramavatar Sharma’s dedication to providing quality education that prepares students for a rapidly changing world. “We are committed to adapting and growing,” he says. “Our goal is to equip students with the skills they need for the future.”

Under Ramavatar’s direction, Ranu Madhyamik School continues to be a shining example of academic excellence and the lasting impact of community-focused education. “Our success is a testament to the power of a shared vision,” he emphasizes. “Together, we can achieve great things for our students and community.”